Friday, January 21, 2011

English Reflection #1

Communication is important as it allows us to get out ideas to another object or person. Communication is the very basis, which drives the process of development in all the fields. Thanks to communication, we are able to send and receive information and communication helps people express their ideas and emotions. It is a source of entertainment and allows us to share our opinions and thus, gathering a wider range of knowledge. My favourite form of communication is through social networking and chatting face to face since social networking allows us to reach out to those who are at a different location altogether and chatting face to face gives as better bonding among our peers and get to know each other better. We can also see our friends' moods in a conversation so that we know if we said anything wrong. I will see if those i need to contact are around first, or else i will contact them either through phone, email or facebook. If they are near me, like in school, most probably i will find them to talk about what was on my mind. Sometimes, we don't get each others' ideas or points and misunderstand, where difficulties in understanding becomes prominent and we will start to quarrel. Other problems like disagreement might also create an unpleasant atmosphere and lead to a cold war.

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